Stealing Karma
A Novel by Aneesha Capur
Set against the vast landscape of modern Africa, Aneesha Capur’s debut novel is a beautifully crafted tale of a mother and daughter coming to terms with their history even as they grapple with their precarious present. 

“You will find yourself sighing into its events, even staring out of your window because the author has observed minutely and expressed beautifully thoughts that have crossed your head. Find time to enjoy this book” – The Asian Age 

“Aneesha Capur’s debut novel Stealing Karma is a poignant account of the travails of a woman in foreign soil, racism and the political upheavals in Kenya” – Indian Express

“I can confidently say that Stealing Karma will definitely steal a few hearts and minds” – The Book Review

“Capur's novel is a beautiful, gripping tale... about a mother and daughter coming to terms with their uncertain present while grappling with the past.” – The Sunday Guardian

"A heartfelt story of a woman's personal struggles amidst the chequered political environment in Kenya" – Businessworld 

"[Aneesha Capur's] first novel Stealing Karma is hard-hitting. Each sentence exquisitely crafted, she explores a mother-daughter relationship in the backdrop of tumultuous Kenya. You are forced to mull over your own stances on identity politics and ethics while the story dwells on the grey areas of life." – DNA 

"For a first time writer Capur is excellent as she touches all the right chords and pulls all the relevant strings." – The Hindu  

HarperCollins Publishers India
ISBN 978-93-5029-034-7
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Cover photograph Osvaldo Pieroni, Italy
Back cover photograph Ana De Sousa
Cover design Saurav Das