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Aneesha is a social impact investor, consultant and writer. She is an angel and venture investor in social impact areas in legaltech, climate change and education with an interest in supporting women (of color) and other underrepresented founder-led start-ups. Aneesha has invested in JusticeText, a woman of color-led and Black-led video evidence management software start up to improve criminal justice outcomes for low income Americans; in ClearBrief, a woman-led legal writing tech start up to improve efficiency and modernize the justice system; in PowerX, an immigrant-led start up that has developed AI powered sensors to save energy, water and emissions in order to combat climate change; and in Replit, an immigrant-led education and collaborative platform for programming and online projects.

Aneesha is a consultant and advisor for organizations with a social impact mission. She coauthored an article for Stanford Social Innovation Review that was recently included in Essentials for Social Innovation: Scaling, the inaugural volume of a new book series at SSIR. She was nominated to join the Resilience Initiative Hub, a consulting network that centers intersectional racial equity for grantees of the Haas, Jr. Fund and Packard Foundation and other programs. Aneesha's consulting is local and international including working with women, children/youth and development organizations like USAID and Oxfam in East Africa. She is a Limited Partner at How Women Invest and a Global Advisor at How Women Lead--most recently for the first ever Women Leaders for the World Abortion and Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice Fellows Program. Aneesha’s board and committee tenures include serving on the Boards of Voice of Witness and the Homeless Prenatal Program as Governance Chair for both, and on the San Francisco Committee/Global Council of Human Rights Watch. 

Aneesha has published a social justice novel (Stealing Karma) and has been invited to speak and teach at literary conferences such as the Bookworm International Literary Festival in Beijing and the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in Bali. She was a Finalist for the PEN/Bellwether Award for Socially Engaged Fiction. Aneesha has an MFA in creative writing from Warren Wilson College and an MBA from The Wharton School. She was also accepted for a PhD program in economics at Columbia University.

Aneesha was born in India, spent most of her childhood in Kenya and lives in San Francisco. She loves travel and being in nature/outdoor recreational activities, especially with her kids, as well as yoga and meditation. Aneesha is part of the slow food/ clean food movement.

Full Article in SSIR:
Efficacy Before Scale